Roles & Responsibilities


Below is a summary of project roles that we will establish for incoming projects. Each role plays an important part in helping the project progress through the project lifecycle. Depending on the size of the project or type of project, some of the roles will be combined. Additionally, the dedicated time for each role will depend on which stage we are at in the project lifecycle


Executive leader or Stakeholder who drives the initiative; helps select projects and remove barriers for project teams by supporting change management and developing LSS culture.

Process Owner

Individual(s) in charge of the process being addressed; generally in a leadership position; responsible for the maintenance of the improved process. 

Project Manager

Leads the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, and continuous improvement of a project.  Works with project team to create the project charter by defining the root problem, the main objectives, scope, stakeholders, expectations, timeline, risks.  

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

SMEs are individuals who are brought into a project to provide the expertise, experience or specialized training as it relates to the specific project. Oftentimes, SMEs are the people working in the process that is being evaluated. 

Business Analyst

Works closely with the sponsor, process owners, subject matter experts to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver recommendations for solutions to the project team.  

Change Consultant 

Focuses on the people side of implementing a new solution by working with the project manager, SMEs, process owners, and sponsors to drive adoption and meet project objectives. Build communities by performing a stakeholder analysis, developing communication plans, and planning training to empower the process owner and their customers. 

Solution Architect

Designs, builds, and leads the execution of a solution with precision and effectiveness according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Will also work with the team to ensure detailed quality assurance testing is completed. 

Technical Lead

When the solution will require a technical or programming solution, the technical lead will support any front or back-end web development, networking, software development, software architecture or programming necessary to bring the project to completion. 

Roles in Projects Diagram