“My experience with the Process Innovation team has been amazing. They are very knowledgeable and completely customer service focused. They were easy to work with, and always quick to answer any questions we had. I cannot recommend them enough.”

- Devlin Seymour, Business Systems Analyst, Business & Financial Services


“I enjoyed working with the Process Innovation Team on a project to select a workflow tool for campus. The team was organized and goal-oriented and was successful in working with many campus units and individual stakeholders. They made sure my questions were answered during all product demonstrations and made time for me to ask additional clarifying questions during the multi-week process.”

- Haley Orton, Director of Academic Advising, College of Engineering


“UCSB’s Process Innovation Team is one of the golden jewels of our campus. I was referred to them last year and couldn’t believe I hadn’t learned about them earlier. Instead of feeling like I was all alone trying to create more effective best practices and processes, in came the PIT-crew (as I affectionately call them) to save the day! They truly listen to understand your goals, connect you to others for successful collaboration and implementation, and then share the knowledge/processes so all campus members can benefit. They don’t tell you “what” to do, but rather, help you decide what works best for your particular needs."

- Tricia Taylor, Graduate Staff Advisor, Department of Communication


“DocuSign transformed our interaction with the UCSB campus. With the dedicated and patient help of Lisa Klock and Eura Szuwalski, the UCSB Foundation definitely pushed the DocuSign limits allowing us to create, distribute, and track nearly 600 unique documents each with multiple options and requiring multiple signatures. DocuSign has been a game changer!”

- Melodie Lee, Director of Accounting, UCSB Foundation


"For the Library, DocuSign has proven to be highly efficient for routing and approval of documents. We are able to track action items, their status, and easily archive completed documents, all workflows that had never been optimized previously. The tool has enabled us to enhance our workflows in a way that will have a longlasting impact, well beyond this period of disruption."

- Kristin Antelman, University Librarian


"In a giant organization like UC, administrative work can be a true pleasure when we all have each other's back. It's always been true. More so during this pandemic. The Process Innovation Team has my back. Always. Whenever I've needed an answer, a resource, or someone to help bounce ideas, I've known I could count to Eura, Dawn, and Lisa to enthusiastically come to my rescue. They have such an obvious desire to help, a willingness to listen, and a keen interest in finding better ways, bridging technical knowledge and human factors. We are lucky to have them. "

- Yann Ricard, Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Earth Science